So You Want to Buy Some Art

Most people are on a budget – I know I am – so first thing first, let’s talk Cost.

Want it in print? Add 10$ for processing in the USA. (Currently no international shipping, but we can discuss if you REALLY want it.)

Your Character Here:
30$ flat rate, any gender, any race, of fantasy creature with a humanoid shape!
undefined It’s Titania from FXIV (Well, a variant design, but still ❤ )

Inked only:
Head shot/Avatar/Simple Chibi -:- 5$
Bust to Waist/Complex Chibi -:- 15$
Full body -:- 30$

Full Color:
Head shot/Avatar/Simple Chibi -:- 10$
Bust to Waist/Complex Chibi -:- 30$
Full body -:- 60$

Extras: (Must be within the same piece.)
Multiple bodies -:- ½ the cost per
–:– Example: 5 Avatars in color ordered all at once = 30$ (10+5+5+5+5)
Simple single color or gradient colors -:- Free!
Simple minimalist backgrounds -:- 30$
Full detailed background -:- 60-100$ details depending (can be ordered on its own)

Familiars/Pets: (If not associated with an OC they follow the primary cost list.)
Tiny/partially obscured -:- included in cost
Small/not obscured -:- 10$
Medium -:- 20$
Same size as “main” body or larger -:- 50$

Things I don’t do often, but can:
Simple “iconic” design -:- 20$
Complex use for pages/streams/etc -:-40$

Commercial use -:- Case By Case.

Character sheet:
3 poses, color references, small bio -:- 90$
3 poses, color refs, bio, different outfits -:- 120$
Additional poses -:- 20$
Chibi addon -:- 10$

Poses can be front, back, side views, dynamic poses, child/teen/adult compilations, etc.

Comic Pages -:- Case by Case, but 100-200$ per page based on complexity. Comic pages Take A Lot of Time. And that’s, quite honestly, a lowball range on my part.

D&D Town/Battle Maps -:- 50$ – 100$ depending in size and complexity. Full color, layered files provided so if you want to remove roofs/levels/ you can.

Now that we’ve settled the matter of cost, and you’ve not run away, lets talk about what I will and will not draw – keeping in mind that I reserve the right to decline a commission, though if I do I probably know someone I can refer you to.

I absolutely Will NOT draw:
-:- Any kind of kids in adult situations, including but not limited to Shota, Loli, Lolita, 900-years-old-but-looks-six. I don’t want commissions from pedophiles.
-:- Real life persons in compromising situations – unless I have their Express Written Permission to do so.
-:- Scene of extreme violence – I do not draw internal organs.
-:- Anything that can be presented in a racist, transphobic, homophobic, or any other awful view. I am a pansexual non-binary human and if you have issue with ANY of that, walk away. I don’t want your money anyway.

What I will happily draw:
Anything not listed above, with some notable inclusions
Kink-friendly (I don’t have to “get” it, to be willing to draw it, but I have a soft (hard?) spot for bondage (Hi family Who Didn’t Need to Know That! ❤ ) so that’s what I’m best at. I’ve done hypnosis, limb-expansion, etc. And have no issues with any victimless kink.)
NSFW (Rates are the same as SFW)
D&D related things
I will draw “violence” just not things like dismemberment.

Questions? Feel free comment on this post with any questions or concerns – or you reach out to me on Twitter or Facebook to DM me.

Oh, you’re still here? Really considering this art thing, huh? Well then let’s move onto the next bit – Actually purchasing my time ❤

Step 1: Make sure your references are in order. Any images, descriptions, thoughts, poses, etc. that are relevant to what you’re requesting. I take references in any form \o/

Step 2: Check the average cost, so you have an idea of what it’ll be.

Step 3: Email me! QuinlokiArt [at] Gmail dot you know the drill – Let me know what you want, your budget and your timeline. I generally work within 14 days because I have a regular 9-5 type job, but I’m bendy.

Step 4: We talk specifics, really tack down what you want/need, and I give you my final cost quote.

Step 5: If you’re cool with it, we move on from there. I’ll send an invoice via Paypal – you can make partial payments if you need to – and I’ll start sending you updates. Sketches to approve, adjustments if needed, inks, etc.

Step 6: Once paid in full, the final full-res, full color (if applicable) file will be sent to you with any cropping, sizing, slicing you need done.

Alternative colors, poses, etc. can be requested. Additional charges may apply, but minor changes are often without cost. Work with me, however, after 30 days I won’t do adjustments. I need to be able to have a “I’m done with this piece” cutoff.

Do not remove my signature, and be sure to link back to this blog and/or my Twitter and/or my Facebook and/or my Instagram if you share it on the internet ^_^ The more I can get my work and name out there, the more work I’ll get ❤ I promise the signature won’t take away from the piece, so your shoutouts will help more than the signature itself =D

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