The 3rd 3rd time’s a Charm

I blog so poorly.

So, so poorly.

But when I’m not blogging, I feel like I’m missing something. So here’s another shot. Another try.

Probably not just one more, probably not the last try. But let’s do this. Deep breath, both feet, and we’ll work it out as we go.

In any case – Welcome! – I don’t know what you’re going to find, other than all the facets of Me, but I hope you enjoy your stay.

I am a pansexual, non-binary, 5’00” fierce human who does IT-esque work for my bills and draws for my soul (and sometimes also my bills). I’m married to my best friend, and I enjoy anime, D&D, RPGs, table top games, cats, dogs I don’t own, kids I can return to their parents, tarot reading, language learning, cooking, solving puzzles, fixing things, and being Pagan.

If any of that rubs you the wrong way you’ve probably stumbled onto the wrong web-space. Be free human, and GTFO.

For the rest of you, welcome. Have a seat, I’m sure I have tea somewhere, the water’s cold, the sun is warm, everything might feel like it’s on fire, but we all need a place to recharge.


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