Welcome to Quin3 – A collection of all things Quin!

Quin being me, and this being my particular corner of the interwebs, means you should probably at least be a little aware of what to expect.

I will post about a few things with passing regularity:
-:- Dungeons and Dragons
-:- Art
-:- Tarot
-:- Video Games
-:- Puns

Wow, Quin, you may be thinking, that’s more than three things!

You aren’t wrong =D but Quin6 just doesn’t really roll off the tongue the same way. Quin-Sexed would lead to at least a few unintentional misunderstanding, compared to the word play of Quin (Q)ubed.

I mean, I’m usually up for messing around with people, but maybe not to THAT extent XD

Anyway, whatever you’re here for, navigation’s on the top and will stick with you even as you scroll through ever-growing content.

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